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What is a Financial Fact Find?

A Financial Fact Find is a questionnaire used by a Financial Advisor to gather enough information to make recommendations suited to a client’s needs and budget.

Just like a Doctor is unable to make an accurate diagnosis without gathering information about a patient’s current symptoms and medical history, a financial advisor uses a fact find to find out more about a client’s personal and financial circumstances, financial goals, attitude to risk and current provisions before using this information to suggest recommended actions for the client to consider.

What areas are discussed?

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We will gather information about your Personal Circumstances including your age, smoking and health status, and your PPSN. We will also determine if you are a Politically Exposed Person and if you have made a will.

Personal and Employment details:

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We will discuss your employment status, and income and note any additional sources of income e.g. rental income or child benefit payments.

Asset and Liabilities:


We will then make a note of your assets and liabilities including property, investments, savings, retained pension benefits, anticipated inheritances, or ex gratia lump sums. In fact, any assets that may be disposed of to provide additional capital or income when required.

Once we have listed your assets we will discuss any liabilities such as mortgages, personal and business loans, ongoing financial arrangements e.g. family maintenance payments or perhaps you are financially supporting a relative.

Current Provisions:

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Next, we will look at your current financial provisions including life insurance, illness cover, income protection, savings and investments, and pensions old and new.

Your Financial Goals:

We will discuss your financial goals – short, medium, and long-term. It is important at this stage to factor in a timescale, your attitude to risk where an investment need is established, and your budget.

Hierarchy of Needs and Emergency Funds:

Once we have established your financial goals we will discuss their hierarchy and deal with each goal in order of importance. We will also discuss your access to funds to deal with short-term financial emergencies.

Any other business:

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You may have specific areas and issues to deal with such as Inheritance Tax Planning, Business Protection, Redundancy, domestic or overseas Pension Transfers, or Pension tracing.

You may need to review certain aspects of your Occupational Pension or find out more about your State Pension. We will carefully note your concerns and include these areas in any recommendations made at a future date.


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