Easy Access Regular Savings Plans

Looking for an alternative home for your savings?

Easy Access Savings and Investment Plans

What are you aiming for? What are your saving goals?

Whether you’re planning to buy a new car or if you’re saving for your children’s education, the holiday of a lifetime, or simply for a rainy day, you can make your dreams a reality with monthly savings.

With our Regular Savings plan, save as little as €100 per month or €5,000 as a lump sum and potentially grow your investment.

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Easy Access Savings Regular Plans

Watch your savings grow over time by putting an amount away regularly, usually every month, in an Easy Access Savings Plan. Your savings are invested in a range of investment funds depending on what your appetite for risk is.

Choose if:

You want to save regularly for at least five years.

• You want the potential to earn a good return on your savings.

• You want the flexibility of being able to access your savings if you need to, without any penalties.

The Benefits

Save from as little as €100 per month up to a maximum of €1,000 per month.

Flexibility – you can vary your regular payments if you need to and make lump-sum injections.

Tailor the plan to your needs with our wide range of investment funds.

Access to an extensive range of investment funds with varied risk profiles.

easy access savings

You probably know that any money you are saving in your bank deposit account is not earning very much interest.

The question you should ask yourself is whether you want your money to work harder.

This Savings and Investment video was provided by Zurich Life Investments

Easy Access Investment Bonds

Suitable if you have a lump sum of money to invest, such as an inheritance or existing savings. Your money can be invested in a range of investment funds including award-winning multi-asset funds.

Choose if:

You are looking to invest for five years or more.

You have between €5,000 and €200,000 to invest.

The Benefits:

Excellent investment fund choice to suit your attitude to risk.

Switch investment funds at any time.

Access your money at any stage, without incurring an exit penalty.

This Savings and Investment video was provided by Zurich Life Investments

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.


Frequently Asked Questions?

What is an easy-access savings & investment plan?

An easy-access savings and investment plan may be a regular premium savings account or a lump sum investment plan. There are no early exit fees should you need to withdraw money. A lot of other plans have early encashment fees of 5pc in the first year – with the fee then reducing each year after that.

Why should I consider investing?

If you have money on deposit not earmarked for short or medium financial emergencies then you should consider investing for a term of 7 to 10 years.

Although nothing is guaranteed investment funds have outperformed deposit rates consistently over this timeframe.

What about risk, will I lose my money?

You should work with a Qualified Financial Advisor to establish your Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss to ensure that your investment matches your investment personality. Always retain an emergency fund for short-term financial needs.